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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Beyond Yonder Essay Contest! We are excited to give you this opportunity to compete to win Beyond Yonder, A beautiful piece of history in the Daniel Boone National forest in Confluence, Kentucky. However, before you fill out the entry form and submit your essay, please carefully read these Contest Rules and make sure to keep a copy for your own records. Entrants who do not agree to the Contest Rules or who do not comply with the Contest Rules are disqualified from consideration

My Name is Linda Heller Hylton. Address is 1000 Beyond Yonder Rd Confluence, Kentucky 41749. My email is The lawyer for the sale of this property is James Wooton........

●  A Kentucky family is offering the chance to win ownership of their unique property in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

●  Linda Heller has considered herself the guardian of Beyond Yonder Mountain Farm for 24-years and was a local for some time before that. Located near Hazard and Hyden, KY, this 20 plus or minus acre rustic farm has served as a homestead, a getaway, and a place for retreat and commune with friends. But now Heller is looking for someone to take over the property. Between the workload of managing the land and the failing health of her daughter, she has to move on, but her love of the home she created means she does not want Beyond Yonder to just go to the highest bidder. Rather than sell the land she loves, Linda Heller wants to give her land away to the winner of the Beyond Yonder Essay Contest.

●  Passing off the land isn't something she takes lightly, either. I walk around here and cry because this breaks my heart, Heller wrote on a Facebook page for the contest. I'm seventy, I've 6 or 7 acres to mow, and I getting a little old to use a weedeater. I sometimes don't see someone for 2 weeks. I have no family here because they are in Florida, and I have a sick daughter that could use my help.

●  Heller's fascination with living simply off the land led her to purchase Beyond Yonder, and her desire to share and learn from other like-minded individuals inspired her to create the Wild Yayas Women's Retreat and Mountain Herb Festival. Mountain Herb has met yearly since fall 2001. I'm hoping that the next caretakers will continue The Mountain Herb so the people that have become so attached to Beyond Yonder will still have the ability to come home at least once a year. Those people who have become attached to the land bring with them a knowledge of the wild foliage on the land and how to live rustically, so in addition to networking, should the new owner choose to continue holding festivals on the property, they are resources that can help the contest winner become acquainted with living this simple life.


●   As far as living situation, the land includes a rustic one-bedroom cabin with multiple kitchens and attic, electricity (runs about $39.00 a month), garbage ($12.00), property taxes (under $300.00) and landline phone service, Dish TV and Dish Net, drilled well, fire pit, outdoor shower, outhouses with composting toilets, and what Heller calls the Taj Mahal of chicken coops. There are miles of four wheeler trails for you to enjoy. Access to Beyond Yonder is by 2 to 3 miles of gravel roads and is 18 miles to Hazard, Ky. and 15 miles to Hyden, Ky. You are 41 miles to I-75. Land features include a pond with cattails, 5-7 acres of grass area surrounded by woodland, and neighborly visits from turkeys, deer, and the occasional bear.

●  Though she says it breaks her heart to give up the land, Heller says the experience has been largely positive so far. I'm getting some beautiful messages from good people. It brings tears to my eyes to read them but they make me feel good too. I'm so happy to know there is so much good out there.

●  Essays will be judged by a panel in Florida. The essay must start with, "I want to tell you why I want to live at Beyond Yonder and what will happen after I become the winner." The contest officially starts October 1, 2016, though early entries are allowed. Heller says if she reaches 2000 or more entries the winner will receive $25,000 along with the property. Essays should be mailed along with $250 entry fee to Linda Heller Hylton, PO Box 26, Dundee, FL 33838. It will be placed in escrow until the end of the contest.

If you desire to enter online.

●  Send us a Word document or PDF of your story to

●  Do not paste your story into the body of the email.

●  Do not put your name on your story. We will judge the competition blind.

●  Pay your entry fee by using your own online bill pay and send the check to Linda Heller Hylton @ P O Box 26 Dundee, Florida 33838. It will be placed in escrow until the end of the contest.


Thank you for entering and good luck.

Winners will be announced on April 1, 2017 unless we have to use our extensions.


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